I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally received my official ISO/IEC certificate, which you can take a look at and download here. For those of you not so well versed in the German language, here's a rough translation of the most important parts:

Sarah Karlina-Barber successfully passed the coaching exam in Vienna according to the certification programme of SystemCERT, fulfilling the requirements for working as a professional coach. This certifies her competence and ability in the following areas:

- Establishing the basic conditions and setting of a coaching session

- Checking for personal, professional and methodic suitability

- Creating and establishing the professional relationship between coach and coachee actively and productively

- Leading the coaching process in a structured and goal-oriented manner

- Communicating effectively

- Facilitating the learning and development of the coachee

- Working in a results-oriented manner

- Supporting self-reflection

- Fostering integration

Her ability to apply these competencies to real situations was demonstrated during a practical coaching project as well as during the two-day exam.