For problems that seem unsolvable, I can help you with my coaching services. Due to my professional background I especially understand the specific needs of people involved in technology, engineering and science - people from all other areas are of course very welcome too!

What is coaching?

Coaching is performance-oriented, individually tailored, direct, time efficient, successful and creative, which is why it is being used more and more frequently for staff development in the professional environment. I understand coaching to be a goal-oriented process designed to help you help yourself. Coaching promotes result-oriented self-reflection and challenges you to act independently. As a coach I am responsible for managing the process and will act as a sparring partner for you.

I apply the Trigon coaching method, which is based on the following principles: Holistic / Customer as partner / Clear goal orientation / Agreement-oriented / Process-based / Clear role definition

Why coaching?

IDo you feel under pressure or pushed into a corner? Are you distressed or anxious? Do you feel agitated or uncertain? Are you unhappy or unfulfilled and don't know why? Do you need clarity and orientation? Would you like to be able to deal more professionally with changes, conflicts, difficult situations or people? Do you long for a better work-life-balance? Do you feel inadequate, incompetent, invisible or do you lack creativity?

With my individual coaching I can help you to take matters into your own hands and to develop and implement solutions successfully. 

Typical topics are:

-- Solving seemingly unsolvable problems --

-- Realising potential and reaching top performance --

-- Achieving more satisfaction and motivation --

-- Becoming aware of and improving your management and/or teaching style --

-- Fulfilling the special requirements of the technical and engineering environment --

-- Dealing with change, conflicts and difficult people competently and confidently --

-- Becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses and applying them optimally --

-- Presenting yourself more confidently and positively --

-- Becoming more visible --

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Interactive team workshop for solving problems and reaching your goals sustainably

Your situation: you and your team are having difficulties solving a particular problem - or even defining the goal you are trying to reach. You keep going round in circles and are not making any progress and feel under pressure to find a solution as soon as possible. You are looking for new inputs and perspectives as well as tools and methods to take matters more effectively into your own hands.

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